Trump’s New Hat Is Ruining Halloween Again And Twitter Is Going In HARD

Here’s an idea: If you find yourself in the midst of a presidency you never actually thought you’d win whilst drowning in the lowest approval rating in history, maybe don’t give people more fodder for the fire that is your entire existence. Maybe don’t call attention to the fact that your skin emits an unnatural orange glow. Maybe don’t create a $45 orange jack-o-lantern hat in time for Halloween that features your campaign slogan and is also ironic for reasons seemingly nobody in your campaign had the balls to actually break down for you (i.e., you are an actual orange person yourself).

Never one to stand on ceremony, President Donald Trump did just this(!) and here you can see it modeled by his daughter-in-law Lara Trump, who also seems to share this skin tone as she poses  under a portrait of the human jack-o-lantern himself:

Unsurprisingly, the Twittersphere quickly got to roasting the $45 headgear:

If you’re looking to buy the Halloween edition of the MAGA hat, the bad news is it’s already sold out. The good news is, if the POTUS keeps antagonizing North Korea they’ll probably nuke us all and then we won’t ever need hats again! PMA.