Olivia Munn Texted Anna Faris Over Those Rumors That She’s Dating Chris Pratt

When two celebrities of the opposite sex (who are single) are seen spending a bit more time together than usual, tabloids automatically assume that they’re shacking up or sleeping together. It’s hard to truly know the truth in Hollywood when the media is constantly matchmaking people together who may just be a)working together or b)friends. Recently, numerous outlets were reporting that Olivia Munn and Chris Pratt were Hollywood’s latest “couple.” This comes after Anna Faris and Chris Pratt’s public divorce and Olivia Munn’s breakup with NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

But, it turns out, the dating rumors are just that–rumors. And, to clear the air, Olivia Munn actually shared a text message she sent to Anna Faris herself saying she and Chris aren’t dating at all–in any way. Munn shared a few thoughts before sharing the actual text to Twitter saying:

She then shared the text message exchange she and Anna had–seeing as the two are actually friends IRL.