People Are Disgusted By The Way This Woman Responded To A Wedding Caterer’s Prices

When you’re planning a special event–like a wedding–you usually want to hire the best vendors and caterers you can find within your budget to ensure that everyone enjoys the food at the party.
While menu venues have their own caterers, there are those that do not and, instead you have to look outside to hire someone to feed your guests. Catering a big party can be extremely costly–sometimes costing as much as a year’s worth of college tuition, depending on where you look. And, while we may go to tastings that we fall in love with–if we can’t afford something, we just can’t swing it. What you don’t do is insult and demean caterers and chefs because of their pricing. That’s never okay–don’t be that person.

People online are incredibly angry and disgusted with a woman who tried to haggle with a wedding caterer over her prices for an event. The caterer, Onequa, shared a text message thread between her and a potential client who was inquiring about her God-Mother’s wedding. Brace yourselves, it gets ugly.

When Onequa asked what kind of menu the woman was looking for–it was long.

Not only did their menu include an immense amount of food, but the client wanted Onequa to cater a party for 175-200 guests. When Onequa responded with an estimated price, the woman was outraged.

Not only was she rude in her response, she insulted Onequa in the process.

First and foremost, $28 per person is incredibly inexpensive for a caterer. Many wedding vendors charge upwards of $100 per plate for weddings. And, the food that Onequa makes is nothing short of profressional–restaurant or not.

Infamous stuffed salmon ??

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Chocolate Oreo & strawberry cookie crunch. Today’s work ???????

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After she shared the exchange on Twitter, people could not believe that this actually happened–especially when Onequa offered such a reasonable price for that much food.


After she got endless love, support, and follows–Onequa thanked everyone for their kindness.

How many times do we have to tell y’all–respect businessmen/businesswomen!