Guy Sends Girl An Inappropriate Picture, So She Sends It To His Grandma To Teach Him A Lesson

It seems as though with texting being our main form of communication, things get “lost in translation.” People will make the excuse that they were “unsure” of how someone was coming off because, well, you can’t truly see someone’s emotions through a text message. While this sometimes can be true, there’s absolutely no reason for someone to send an unsolicited nude photo to another person (unless, of course, you’re in a relationship with the said person and it’s something you two do often). Guys frequently send unsolicited photos to women online and via text messages, claiming they thought “it’s what the girl wanted,” but, 10/10 times, the girl had zero desire to see that, nor did they insinuate they wanted it.

Tamira was minding her own business when an old classmate from high school contacted her. When he initially reached out, Tamira didn’t even know who it was. Immediately, things got pretty intense and uncomfortable for Tamira.

After Tamira was pretty clear she was feeling uncomfortable, the guy apologized and she thought it was safe to have a normal, casual conversation with him about…school and work. No flirting, no hidden meanings–just a normal convo between two old classmates. 

But, the convo took a weird turn…again.

Tamira was busy and had no time to continue this, so she politely told him she was busy. But, he clearly didn’t get the memo.

Tamira was not happy.

For some reason, this dude thought Tamira was hitting on him–even though she said twice, she was too busy to speak with him.

After the guy decided to tell her to “kill herself” and insulted her, she decided to teach him a huge lesson by sending the text chain to his grandmother. 

And yes, yes she did send it. However, I’m not too impressed by how the grandmother made some pretty big excuses for her grandson.

Also, I don’t believe Tamira conducted herself in a poor manner.

Boys will be boys? Nope. NOPE. NOPEEEEE.

Clearly, this is a prime example of how women raising boys need to teach them a thing or two about respecting women and the consequences of doing things like sending unsolicited d*ck pics. This grandmother should have supported Tamira, not continue making excuses for her grandson. After Tamira posted the text message thread on Imgur, commenters were floored that the grandmother responded this way.