Girl’s Text Thread With Her Grandma Goes Viral For The Most Perfect Reason

Some grandparents are simply the greatest people in the world. My grandmas were both my favorite people growing up. They’ve taught me a lot of life lessons, wisdom and hilarious jokes I will carry with me for the rest of my life (some of which I won’t get away with until I’m well into my 70’s). And, everyone knows we all have a special relationship with our grandparents if we’re so lucky as to have them around as we grow up.

One girl’s text thread between her and her grandmother is going viral online because it’s probably the cutest thing you will see today – I promise.

How sweet?

Seriously, I may have tears in my eyes. And, it makes me miss my grandma so much. Twitter, of course, was all in their feels and soft spots over this sweet engagement between a grandmother and granddaughter.

Some people said it reminded them of their grandmothers, too.

It is absolutely too sweet. And, you should go call your grandma right now.