Nice Girl Goes Crazy After Guy Politely Asks Just To Be Friends After A Date & The Chat Is Infuriating

Some people are awful at taking rejection.

This guy is not one of them. But this girl is undoubtedly very crazy and thinks he is. You see, it all started when these two went on a single date. Surprisingly, it didn’t work out, so the guy tried to be polite and messaged her the morning after.

She messaged back telling him that she was just not that into him and wanted to be friends. He was happy to see that she felt the same way as him, so he said so. However, that might have been a wrong move because she literally went crazy after that.

It seems like he unmasked some emotions in her that he shouldn’t have. Oh well, you live, and you learn right?

Source: Reddit

It all seemed normal at first. Heck, the girl even seemed quite polite.

However, that was only until she completely lost her shit.

And started accusing him of things that were not true at all.

But he was having none of it and told it like it is.

Which unsurprisingly made her even angrier than before.

And so he did one thing that he should have done after the first message: He stopped talking to her.

What are your thoughts on all of these messages? Do you think the girl was batshit crazy or is the guy showing her in a bad light? Comment down below and let us know if this has happened to you before.

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