Photographer’s Project Captures Women’s Faces Before, During & After Orgasm

In today’s day and age, you would think that women’s rights and sexuality would be something everyone would see as, well, normal. But, low and behold, it’s just not. It may be 2017 and women may have more rights than they did so many years ago, but for some reason, we’re still dealing with less pay than men, sexual harassment and types of inequality that the Founding Fathers could have never imagined. When it comes to female sexuality and pleasure, well, you can easily assume that women are not given much of a fair opportunity to embrace their sensual side without being labelled or degraded in society.

Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti decided to team up with sex toy company, Smile Makers, to create a project that not only hopes to normalize female sexuality and sensuality but, also encompasses the absolute pleasure of the female orgasm. “The O Project” features women of all different nationalities and backgrounds in four frames – before, during and after orgasm. Women were given a Smile Makers’ sex toy and left to have a field day – while being photographed in real time.

According to Alberti’s website:

The underlying message: all women deserve to be in control of their sexuality, no matter their background. Women should be free to be empowered by – and have a little fun with – their sexuality.

You can read more about The O Project and Alberti’s other work here: Website, Facebook, Instagram.