P!nk’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Was So Good That Fans Say It’s The Best One Yet

If you’re having a tough morning, week, whatever – give this video a quick watch. James Corden has to have the best job on planet earth. He’s living out the dream of anyone who has sat in traffic before. You know on the way home from work you crank the music up as loud as possible and have your own private concert in your driver’s seat. Now imagine doing so with your favorite singers to help you out. Literally, number 1 dream job goes to you, James Corden. Maybe being a Kardashian would be a dream job you know make a bazillion dollars for simply existing. James has got a close second. P!nk and Corden will have you smiling and giggling for the entirety of the 12-minute clip that is for sure.

Can we take a quick second to talk about how amazing P!nk is? I mean it sounds super obvious but her voice is legitimately angelic. If I could produce sounds like that from my body my whole life would be a musical. Yep, at the drive-thru and everything, I’m singing every word I utter for the rest of my existence. Sorry neighbors. The set of pipes on P!nk is absolutely bananas, Corden’s not half bad. But as far as vocal talent can you get much better than P!nk? Looks like I’m going to have to catch a P!nk show in the future.

This episode is filled with funny stories and a ton of laughs. One of them being about how Jon Bon Jovi broke P!nk’s heart. Also, how would you feel if another man sent your wife a pair of leather pants with a sexy note on it? Probably not as good as P!nk’s pro motocross riding husband Carey Hart. Also, did you know P!nk went on a date with a member of N’SYNC? The only part of the video that bothered me was the subtitles, whoever was in charge of that one dropped the ball. Other than that tiny complaint this is easily one of my favorite episodes of “Carpool Karaoke” I’ve ever seen. Try not to laugh or smile, I dare ya!

Plus, Twitter loved it – as well as her fans.