Channing Tatum And Pink Both Told Their Kids They ‘Ate All Of Their Halloween Candy’ But Got Totally Different Reactions

Kids always say the darndest things (remember the TV show?) When you’re a parent, pulling one over on your kids is a favorite pastime when they finally reach an age where they’ll understand just what you’re saying and doing, or not. Either way, it’s fun for parents to get one over on them. Trust me, I’ve seen it dozens of times. Jimmy Kimmel knows a thing or two about pranking his kids, as he annual does it every Halloween. He basically tells his kids that he ate all of their Halloween candy that they’ve put in the footwork to receive by trick or treating. Can you imagine being a kid, looking forward to eating candy on Halloween and then your parents are like – LOL nope.

Both Channing Tatum and P!nk decided to partake in the challenge this year. Channing’s daughter, Everly, basically broke down in tears – same, Everly. Same. I’d probably cry until next Halloween if I was told all of my candy were gone. I’d then tell my parents I’m going to do the same but with all their wine. How ya like them apples?

P!nk’s daughter, on the other hand, didn’t get too emotional at all. In fact, she knew it was a prank. P!nk said that her husband pranks her daughter, Willa, pretty often and she made her dad “promise” that it was true – absolute genius. Of course, her dad didn’t promise so she said “I don’t believe you.”

Knowing me, I’ll raise a daughter like Willa, except, my kid will probably smack me if I tell them I ate all of their candy. Also knowing me, I’ll actually eat all of their candy.

Jimmy Kimmel had people send in their funniest pranks with their kids and you can see more of the savagery here. Better plan ahead for next year, parents!