26 Of The Weirdest Roommates People Have Ever Had To Live With

22. dewayneestes

My old roommate had a picture of he and his mom by his bedside. His mom looked a LOT like Dinah Shore which sort of made sense because so did he when I thought about it, sort of round face, blonde hair, and he was gay so whatever that’s cool somehow that all fit together in my head.

Then one day we were all in his room smoking out and I told him “Rodney, I gotta say your mom looks just like Dinah Shore.” He asked “How do you know what my mom looks like?” And I pointed to the picture.

Rodney says “That’s not my mom that’s Dinah Shore.”

23. FieryPoops_

In the college dorms, I woke up in the middle of the night to find my roommate staring at me while standing in the middle of the room and cumming into a trash can.

24. derekx2012

I’ve caught my roommates (who are married) having sex, but that’s not the weird part.

I was home sick one day and I’d let my friend borrow my car. So, my roommates thought I wasn’t home and figured it was a good time to have sex in the kitchen. My room, being downstairs with the kitchen, was in earshot so I peeked outside and saw them fucking.

It only lasted for about 2 minutes and then the wife starts yelling at the husband about how pathetic he is in bed and he can’t please her and he cums too fast. It was fucking brutal. I’m pretty sure the husband started crying.

Later that day, when I “got home”, the husband starts bragging to me about how he and the wife fucked all over the house that day. I said nothing and let him have that moment. He needed it.