26 Of The Weirdest Roommates People Have Ever Had To Live With

16. syvania

My roommate was too lazy to take the trash out to the dumpster, so they would just put the full bags of garbage in the outdoor storage closet on our balcony. I had no idea until one day we were cleaning and they say “we have to take the other trash out too.” There were at least 20 full bags of trash in there.

17. tkocur

OK. Never thought I’d tell this story but this is the perfect venue. When I was a sophomore in college (1983), I had this really odd roommate named Opie. He did a lot of weird shit, but this one stands out. I owned this knife that I guess was technically a switchblade. One day he borrows it and then proceeds to pull down his pants and stab himself in the sack with it. That knife got a thorough cleaning after that.

18. swampgooch203

Spraying our clean dishes with raid to keep the bugs away. Caught him at 3am