26 Of The Weirdest Roommates People Have Ever Had To Live With

13. Pro-FoundSound

She had this cup full of…liquid…by her bed. There’s no better way to describe it really.

She kept her toothbrush in it, bristles down in the liquid and when it came to teethbrushing time, she’d basically just take the toothbrush out, brush her teeth, spit into the cup and shove her toothbrush back into her cup.

I’m wretching just thinking about it

14. SecondhandSanity

This one’s what my roommate walked in on me doing:

So, it’s the middle of winter, and I come in after classes and look in the mirror. My hair’s a mess from all of the wind we had been getting. Spur of the moment, I decide that I’m sick of it. Haircuts cost money though, so I grab some scissors and start chopping 10-13 inches of my hair off. My roommate didn’t come in until I had mostly finished and started to even it out. There was no good way for me to see the back of my head, so I loosely wrapped a belt around the top of my neck and tried to go off of that.

So, she walked in around then, with bits of my hair everywhere, a belt tied around my neck, and me squatting on a chair (weird mirror position) trying to cut the hair on the back of my head.

That was the first time I had ever heard her curse.

Once she cooled down, and finished telling me how stupid I was, and not to ever tie belts around my neck, she helped me even it out, and left me to clean up all of my hair. I had caught most of it in double-ended ponytails, so it was all of the small pieces from straightening it out that were the issue. They were on the floor, counter, and all over me.

So I clean up the bathroom, and decide to take off my shirt and vacuum it too. It works, for the most part, and I notice that there are bits of hair all over my back and chest. So I take off my bra, turn the (smallish) vacuum around and start vacuuming my chest. And she walks in again to see me topless and basically stabbing myself in the chest with a vacuum.

Tl;dr: I am not a hairdresser.

15. Brontosaurusus86