14 Bars With The Most Outlandish Rules You Could Ever Imagine

We all have our go to bars, you know bars that more or less feel like home. Every bar has its own unique ambiance and that’s what draws its customers in. These 14 bars take that uniqueness to a whole new level. These clever bars have their own special rules or just a little something that helps them stand out from any other bar you’ve been to. Now, these bars aren’t going to be for everyone because some of the rules seem a bit extreme but don’t you worry we gave you 14 options from all around the world to check out. Hopefully, you can find your new favorite unique bar.

1. Alphaville in Brooklyn.

New Happy Hour ~~> 2-for-1 drinks until 8pm, every day.

Posted by ALPHAVILLE. on Monday, September 21, 2015

At this bar, they do their best to alleviate awkward experiences. If you can prove, you’re on a tinder date or blind date they are gracious enough to supply you with a free shot.

2. The Front Porch in Denver.

Posted by The Front Porch on Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Front Porch is big leaves your bar tab up to the luck of the customer. On Wednesday the bar hosts “flip nights” where you flip a coin to see if your drink costs money or if it’s free. That’s a 50 percent chance you get a drink for free! They also randomly select a few random names, and if you’re lucky enough to have that name on that day, you will drink for free.

3. Alcotraz in London.

Alcotraz is a prison-themed bar, where they refuse to sell alcohol. The idea is that you are supposed to sneak in your own alcohol and bartenders dressed as other inmates will help you make a drink with the booze you smuggled in. You’re even forced to wear an orange jumpsuit, you know for authenticity. The bar rubs a lot of people the wrong way, and people claim it’s ‘tone deaf’ to the prison culture. Everyone needs to relax and enjoy the fun.