Kim Kardashian Finally Explained What The Hell’s Up With Her Weird Bathroom Sinks

Oh, rich people. Their houses are a marvel, although you’re screwed if you want to find a light switch or trash can because they hide those.

Kim Kardashian is very, very rich. How rich is she? She’s SO RICH that she has special sinks, like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Her bathroom sinks don’t seem to have actual…sinks. Like, it’s a counter with a faucet. That makes no sense. What gives?

First, how did we get obsessed with her sinks? Well, the 38-year-old reality star is on the cover of Vogue this month, and as part of that, she took part in the magazine’s 73 Questions video series. She invited the video team to the home she shares with husband Kanye West and their three kids, North, Saint, and Chicago. And that’s when we saw them—the world’s strangest sinks.

People everywhere were talking about Kardashian’s sink and so she decided to end the confusion and explain the system.

She tweeted, “Sink tutorial on my ig stories,” and there it is, not in her stories but in her main feed, a video explaining those mysterious sinks.

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bathroom tour!

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The video, called “bathroom tour” shows that the sink is indeed slightly sloped, and that all the water runs into a little slot not too far from the faucet. Eight prototypes were made, and oh yes, they were designed by Kanye West. Ah, of course.

Here’s what else we learned about the Kardashian master bath—the entire ceiling is a lightbox, a bathtub that fits all the kids, and a shower the size of a smallish Manhattan apartment.

Okay, so back to the sink. The mystery of where the water goes is solved, but there were still some pressing unanswered questions.

Oh, and also: where is absolutely everything else?

People loved the ingenuity of the sink though. Kardashian even explained: no splashback, thank goodness. 

Someone said it looked like Kanye’s clothing line, which, okay?

The armchairs are a nice touch. Who wouldn’t want to just hang out in this bathroom?

Not everyone, actually.  There were people who didn’t love the bathroom.

And there was another important question, one that we’ll probably never get an answer to from Kardashian.

I guess just because they can.

h/t: Twitter: @KimKardashian, Twitter: enews, The Cut