38 Times Bella Hadid Went As Far As Instagram’s Nudity Rules Will Let You

Bella Hadid is one of those models that looks absolutely stunning no matter what she puts on. But, she doesn’t only model for high fashion accounts, she also strips down from time to time for lingerie companies and brands like Victoria’s Secret. Besides taking it all off for modeling jobs, Hadid is no stranger to showing some skin on the ‘Gram. While some judge her for her decisions to bear all, I think it’s an empowerment statement above anything else. Models in the industry are constantly being picked apart for how their bodies look, what size they are, and how they can look “just like everyone else.” Hadid always embraces her body, no matter what, and inspires women who follow her to do the exact same. Like many other models and influencers on social media, like Bella Thorne (maybe it’s in the name), Hadid shows her 16.2 million followers to be comfortable in their own skin by embracing hers. Whether she’s posing with no makeup, or in little to no clothing, it’s not about doing it for the likes, it’s about doing it for the message, ladies. Love your body, embrace your look, don’t let anyone make you feel mad about who you are.


Finally…My second @chromeheartsxbella eyewear collection is coming!…. gold?shot by queen @laurielynnstark ⚡️

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Paradise Happy BB??

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