Instagram Model Comes Up With Perfect Revenge Plan For All Men Who Send Her Unsolicited Pics

Being a model or influencer on social media these days is pretty trying. While it’s a great opportunity to make a name for yourself, it also leaves you open to inappropriate messages from complete strangers.
Australian model Emily Sears knows this all too well. The model, who is currently living in Los Angeles, California, has 4.4 million followers on her Instagram page. Many of these followers happen to be thirsty guys who want nothing more than to sleep with her.

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Frequently, Sears admits that men send her inappropriate DM’s of their junk. And, the men who do this often times are in committed relationships with other women. After receiving numerous pictures, Sears came up with a perfect revenge plan to get back at these disrespectful guys. Sears admitted on her Twitter account that when guys send her these photos, she goes through their social media profiles to find their girlfriends, wives, fiancés–and even their families.

After finding them, she sends them a direct message letting them know the deal.


This is a fair warning to all men out there that believe sending photos of their Johnson is respectful or appropriate. No woman wants to login to their Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat account and open a photo like that. None.