The Internet Is Obsessed With This Ridiculously Good Looking Math Teacher

There’s nothing worse than having a boring teacher when you’re in school. Paying attention in class is hard enough, but when you have a teacher who can’t keep you entertained or keep your attention–it’s even harder. But, remember when you would luck out and get that really hot teacher for your social studies period, or maybe your English class? It’s as though you became a genius overnight. I’m sure if you think back to high school, you can remember that one teacher who was just a snack. Recently, one BoredPanda user shared photos of his ridiculously good-looking teacher, and since then, the Internet has become obsessed with Robert Ligtvoet.

Happy international suit up day everybody! Big shoutout to two of my favorite students @mmelanieex_ and @manonannax for making this picture possible.

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Not only is Robert a math teacher, but he’s also someone who loves traveling and adventures. Since people have got wind of his Instagram account, he’s gone viral, racking up 44,000 followers on the app.

Livin' on the edge!

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Wakeboarding at little corn island ?

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Did I mention how good he looks shirtless?