17 Times Twitter Taught Us More Than Any Teacher Ever Could

Obviously, some form of education is extremely beneficial for any developing human. It’s common sense, but I can’t lie. I feel like a lot of the time spent in high school and even in middle school could have been better spent. We spent god knows how much time being taught about Christopher Columbus “discovering America” which we have come to learn is entirely false. Depending on your profession you might have spent a lot of time and energy learning math you’ll never have to use again. Don’t worry my friends luckily we have Twitter to educate us on all the essential matters. Did you ever wonder why people always say stop acting like a p*ssy? Well, you do now! All thanks to the Twitterverse dropping more knowledge than our teachers ever could!

1. Science can be mesmerizing.

2. A little gross but certainly intriguing.

3. Well, my mind is officially blown.