This Response To ‘Send Nudes’ Is So Good, You’ll Wish You Thought Of It Yourself

Can we get a round of applause for our girl Par over here? Our friend from New Zealand dealt with a problem girls are forced to deal with every day in an awesome fashion. Some creep decided he would take a shot at getting Par to send him a picture of herself “without all that necessary clothing on.” I think Rico Suave was going for the word “unnecessary” another swing and a miss, dude. Anyways, he has the audacity to ask for a naked picture of Par, at 9:39 a.m. no less! 

Unless you’ve been marooned on an island for the last 15 years, odds are you have some form of access to a smartphone or the internet. If you are a female with access to these things than you are probably no stranger to unsolicited d*ck pics or the phrase “send nudes.” In Par’s situation, she dealt with the not so smooth operator in a hysterical and clever way. I’m sure we all know someone who will be trying this in the future.

What a move?! I’m not sure what’s more shocking how desperate this guy is or his inability to take a hint. Have to love this move what a clever response. The fact that she continued to send it and troll him with “did u get it” is awesome, love the persistence. This fight was over before it started and this guy had no clue, what a loser. Also, pretty sure it’s scientifically proven THIS is the worst possible way to try and approach a girl. Not to mention, now not only does she but all of her friends think you’re a scumbag which you know isn’t a good look.

I don’t think you need a new phone. Maybe one of those “How to talk to girls for dummies'” books because you couldn’t have failed more miserably. Bold strategy cotton. This rocket scientist figured his phone was “broken” so he decided to ask if she was on Kik. Be more desperate, dude I dare you.

Nevertheless, Par wasn’t having any of it. His lack of observation and desperate attempt at getting some nudes have given us all a little entertainment. Luckily for us, Par was able to have fun with a situation that occurs disturbingly too frequently. She made this guy look like the joke that he is and twitter loved it.

Some people even offered advice on how to really get the prank over on them.

The GIF suggestion is brilliant. Ladies, next time you find yourself in a similar situation this doesn’t seem like a bad option. Of course, you should always probably just block creeps only after your nudes. Who knows how that whole cloud thing works no thank you. If you’re feeling inclined to have a little fun, maybe download that GIF. Also, fellas pay attention to how well this worked out. Just for the next time, you have a similar idea. Maybe go meet girls out in real life, talk to them, get to them maybe go to a bar? All of these are better options than ending up looking like an unobservant creep on the internet.