Girl Accidentally Gets Added To A Soccer Mom Group Text And Hilariously Trolls The Sh*t Out Of Them

As anyone that has been around youth sports know there is nothing and I mean NOTHING worse than the parents. Not all parents, some parents are perfectly sane. Other parents are completely off the walls crazy. Like, relax Chad, we get it you were an awesome high school football player. Okay, Debbie, I’m sure your daughter has a full ride offer from Duke…in the 3rd grade. Some sports parents are simply too much.  That’s why we all owe a big thank you to Christi Rantis Lally for being a grade A troll. These poor unsuspecting parents had no idea the trolling that they were in for. 

Christi recently was accidentally added to a parents soccer group chat and she took full advantage. I won’t ruin it for you guys but it is absolutely hilarious. The whole time I’m wondering how they can’t figure out they’re being trolled? Gotta love it. She really gets under these uptight soccer parents skin and for that, we will always love you, Christi

Don’t worry, it gets better.