There’s Now A ‘Cards Against Humanity’ For Parents

One of the best group games around is Cards Against Humanity. If you haven’t played, let me tell you how much you’re missing out on. The game is almost like an adult style of MadLibs. One person plays a card with a funny phrase with a part of it left to be filled in. The other players then play cards with words and phrases that are on the naughty but hysterical side. CAH might not be the best game for a group of parents to be playing, unless the kids are at grandmas. So a couple from the DC area decided the game could use a little parental touch. The idea seemed to be a hit they quickly raised over $20,000 and began selling the game. If you’re a parent and you want to get a laugh with friends you check them out at KinderPerfects Instagram.

As of now, the couple has sold over 7,000 sets of the cards. I’m not surprised at all, if you’re a parent you’ll understand how hysterical and relatable these cards really are. Due to the amount of hysterical combination of cards the possibility of different laughs is endless. If you’re a parent and a fan of the original CAH this is a must-have. You can mix the cards into the deck for a new set of hysterical answers. I don’t want to ruin the anything but here are a few of the hysterical possibilities that the game has to offer.

1. I could definitely imagine worse symbols.

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2. If I have to listen to Daniel Tiger again one may be one too many.

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3. Looks like I’m going to be an asshole parent.

You know you've done it too!

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4. Little boy pee, lotta regret.

The joys of parenting!

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5. Definitely, something to look forward to!

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