This Intense ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory Could Mean Gendry Is Actually Cersei’s Son

With all of us, GoT fans counting down the days until the final season begins. We’re left with a void the size of the seven kingdoms, particularly on Sunday nights. Throne’s fan theories pop up constantly, many extremely outlandish. This one got to me, it’s floating around Reddit and brings up a few interesting points. Fans of the show know nothing really happens for no reason – so, stay with me people.

As much as I love Gendry Waters-Baratheon why bring him back after 4 seasons of rowing? Not only bring him back, have him play a pretty prevalent role. if you think about it Gendry could have never returned and the current story wouldn’t be hugely different. Here is where things get a bit interesting when it comes to our favorite bastard blacksmith.

Ever thought of this? –

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The sex life of Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon is obviously a bit complex. Hard to keep up with all the whoring and the drinking and the incest. If you remember back to Season 1 Cersei shares with Catelyn Stark (RIP) that she had a “lost baby with Robert.” We also find out this “lost baby” had black hair. As fans know all of Cersei’s children have blonde hair because she’s banging her brother, also blonde. So dark hair means he has to be Robert’s son. Fast forward to the fourth episode, Ned Stark’s noble ass (big RIP)  finds out that his mentor Jon Arryn found Gendry before he died and spoke to him about his mother. During the conversation between Arryn and Gendry he shares, he “remembers his mother was blonde.”