Dad Hilariously Pissed Off His Wife After He Invited People To His Daughter’s ‘Exorcism’

There are certain moments in a young child’s existence that are sacred events. First steps, first words, the first day of school, basically any and all firsts. If you practice Christianity and are even a tiny bit religious, then a baby’s christening can be a pretty big deal. The idea is you get dipped in some of that magical holy water and BOOM! You are cleansed from original sin. These are events you want to be memorable. You want to look back on a day spent with family and friends and remember how amazing things went. That may be a little difficult when you’re memory is of your new beautiful daughter’s exorcism.

One dad decided it would be hilarious if he sent the Facebook invite to his daughter’s Christening as an exorcism instead and let’s just say – it looked a bit wild.

Now, let me first say, there is no shot I’m not going. How could you resist an invitation like this? Can’t do it. I’ve been to christenings, bar mitzvahs, communions, you name it. Never in my life have I imagined going to an exorcism, have to jump on the opportunity. I’ve seen the movies. Now I’m expecting a baby doing the creepy grudge backbend spider walk thing.

Also, the old 360-degree head turn who knows? Skies the limit folks. How disappointed the potential guests must have been when a boozed-up viewing of  “The Exorcism Of Saoirse Anne” was sadly changed to “Saoirse’s Christening,” after one mom was pretty f*cking pissed.

Just absolutely heartbreaking. Now I have a feeling Eoin’s better half might’ve caught wind of the invite he sent around. No thanks to it going viral, I’m sure. To every confirmed guest’s dismay, but it was probably the right call. Saoirse’s Exorcism (and a few cans) was off. Luckily, this means there’s one less demon possessed baby in the world – sucks to suck satan. Furthermore, I’m sure baby Saoirse had a beautiful christening and all went well. I can’t say I’m not thinking of an exorcism theme baptism for my future child. The wife definitely made the right call, I’m sure the “refreshments” were absolutely refreshing. I think the lesson to be learned in this situation is don’t let your husband send invitations for anything unless you proofread it.