This Baby Was Born On The Day of The Solar Eclipse & Her Name Is Pretty Appropriate

Parents love to name their kids ridiculous things, not realizing the torture we’ll have to face as we get older and enter the real world. Like, naming your child after a food/fruit and having to have them confused in the cafeteria on the first day of school.

One baby was born on the most viral day of this summer – the day of the Solar Eclipse, where everyone could not STFU on social media about the sun and the moon and glasses. In honor of this “epic” day, the parents of this adorable newborn decided to give her an all too appropriate name: Eclipse.

That’s right, these parents named their daughter Eclipse. Not after the gum, of course.

Eclipse Alizabeth Eubanks was born in South Carolina actually during the Solar Eclipse. And, her parents thought it was “meant to be” because she was originally due on September 3rd. So, seeing as their beautiful miracle of life came early – on this day, during this time – why not?

Her mother, Freedom, told ABC News that she was originally going to be named Violet, but, seeing as the date and time were so monumental, she couldn’t’ resist.