10 Of The Best Pregnancy Announcements You’ll Want To Copy

The Savagery..

Don’t you just love how creative the human race can get when they have to shove things in other people’s faces? Baby announcements have apparently always been a thing for a while now, but as the years have flown by we’ve gotten a little bit more innovative than usual. Some couples try their best to come up with the most creative and unique ways to tell the world – “hey, we’re preggo!” – and, some of them are ones for the books. Seriously, you’ll want to copy these.

1. The Beer & Baby Belly:

Not only does momma get to display her growing womb, but papa also gets to show his years worth of dedication to the brewing craft.

2. The Eviction Notice:

What a warm way to announce the new addition with the older sibling crying their eyes out – and, a good laugh for everyone involved.

3. The Next Release:

With the release of IOS Baby 1.0.

4. The Sibling Rivalry: