Someone Made Meme-Inspired Bath Bombs And We’re Done

Look, let’s not beat around the bush here.

You love memes, you love bath-bombs. That’s exactly why Dank Tank decided to make all your dreams come true and create these incredible meme bath bombs:

That’s right. Bath bombs inspired by memes. What more could you want?! We’ve reached the end of the internet. Have a good rest of your life. In all seriousness, these are really cool. The Sponegebob one above smells like mahogany and coconut.

There’s also Trash Dove which smells like blueberry and citrus:

And Evil Kermit, which smells like grapefruit and berry:

There’s also a “Send Nudes bomb:

And of course… a fidget spinner:

You can grab them today at the Dank Tank website for only $9! What are you waiting for? Don’t think you want to bathe in the dankness of internet memes? Grow up.