Chrissy Teigen Just Corrected Ivanka Trump’s Tweet Like A Boss

As everyone knows, Chrissy Teigen is pretty awesome. Not only is she smart, gorgeous, hilarious, and married to John Legend — she’s also a master troll. She wastes no time smacking down haters, clapping back at a**holes and providing helpful insight to morons on her perfect Twitter account.

Speaking of which… Ivanka Trump recently posted this:

You catching the weirdness?

“Otherwise”? As in, everything was great except holding this baby?

Okay it’s not the worst grammatical mistake ever. It certainly isn’t nearly as bad as “covfefe” or making up an entire African country… but the internet still had its fun.

And of course, our hero:

They came, they trolled, they felt a little gratified. But only Chrissy Teigen was kind enough to offer Ivanka a small correction:

There! Fixed! That’s just the kind of woman Chrissy is. She’ll have her fun trolling, but she can also be helpful when necessary. It’s good to know she’s out there, correcting grammar in between eating apparently enough steak to sink a cruise liner: