These Pop Culture Bath Bombs Are Exactly What You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

How many times has this happened to you?

It’s the end of a long week. You decide to unwind by relaxing in the bath. You light some candles, put on your favorite Sting album and drop in a bath-bomb. Then you look down and realize “My god, bath-bombs are so boring. If only I could get one that was carved and painted to look like a character from my favorite movie, or the cover-art of my favorite album.”


Loquita Bath and Body makes these awesome pop-culture inspired bath bombs that are perfect for the kind of girl who can’t even get in the bathtub without making a movie reference.

They have a bath bomb shaped like Chucky, The Crow, A t-rex eye from Jurassic Park, and even the little pink soap from Fight Club.

If movie references aren’t your thing, there’s a bomb shaped like the weird face on the cover of Sublime’s 40 Oz. To Freedom, a magic school bus, a lemon poundcake, and mini bombs shaped like Dragon Balls.

Most of their products are only $6, but unfortunately many of them are sold out. (Probably because people like us are blowing up their spot.) If anything’s left — get yours today! Stop taking boring baths. Sip wine while you watch Chucky’s head bubble and dissolve before your very eyes.