The Makers Of These ‘Bathtub Trays’ Don’t Actually Know What Women Do In The Bath

Many advertisements targeted towards women try to nail what it’s like being an everyday, average woman. However, the problem with that is they are always getting it 100% wrong 100% of the time. Most women don’t have time to get blowouts every day and do a full face of makeup—like they have done in the ads. And, most women don’t look airbrushed, either.

Recently, Twitter user Sharon Su decided to call out companies who advertise bathtub trays for getting women bathing 150% wrong. Let’s face it—we only really want a bathtub tray so we can read a book or possibly throw our iPad up there to watch Netflix in the tub—but, eventhat is a stretch. Many of us are just laying in our bathtubs, closing out eyes, hoping our husband and/or kids don’t walk in having to use the toilet.

Sharon said that she finds it “strangely comforting” the people who are marketing the bathtub trays have no idea what us ladies truly do in the bath.

I mean, who else loves a good salad in the tub? Those soap bubbles definitely add flavor.

Not just an iPad in the tub, but a phone, too. And, of course, we need 3 beverages.

Obviously, doing your nails and grabbing handfuls of cornflakes go hand-in-hand with bathing.

Who doesn’t want to have a bright blue cocktail in the tub?

Obviously, us goddesses want selection—so we have both red and white wine in the tub, on top of the choice of several different kinds of cheese.

Obviously, the best one is the idea that we want to eat hotdogs in the bathtub while we bathe.

If this isn’t a hard miss, I’m not sure what is. People online had some genuine concerns about these bathers.

It’s pretty clear that the marketing team for these bathtub trays is comprised of men—or, women who have slightly lost touch with reality. Here’s to hoping they smarten up!

h/t: Twitter.