Rob Kardashian Posted Nudes of His Baby Momma Black Chyna On Instagram

Drama, Drama, Drama is what they should have named their baby instead of Dream.

It seems as though Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna (his baby momma) have been having problems since Day 1 of their relationship. Then again, that’s kind of what you get for going off and sleeping with your sister’s boyfriend’s baby momma and ex-fiancé – right?

Rob and Blac Chyna were engaged to be married after finding out they were pregnant with their daughter, and after having Dream Kardashian, they have had more drama together than the entire Kardashian clan combined.

Most recently, the couple has not been living together and reportedly were barely on any speaking terms. But, the two have been “trying to keep it together” for the sake of their daughter.

But, as July 4th came around – sparks flew between the couple as Rob Kardashian exposed his ex-fiancé all over his Instagram page.

He shared this video of Chyna hooking up with another guy instead of spending time with their daughter.


He then went on to explain that Blac Chyna didn’t lose her baby weight naturally, and Rob had instead, paid for surgery.


He then proceeded up upload nude photos of Chyna to show off the fact that she had surgery and what it looked like post-op.

He also went on a very graphic rant about Chyna sending him nudes and then sleeping with another man five minutes later.

Sure, it seems completely savage for Rob to do this to his baby momma – but, apparently, she has been cheating on him for quite some time – as well as exploiting him and their daughter for money. However, I still don’t think that it’s completely fair for him to expose her like this on social media (plus, doesn’t California have a revenge porn law???)

Yet, I can’t say that Rob didn’t see this coming. Chyna has been dogging him for years now – and his family, too.

I guess you can say – lesson learned on both ends.

Twitter, of course, has a lot to say.