Apparently, We’ve All Been Putting On Our Bras Completely Wrong

If you’re a female, there’s a 100% chance that you’ve worn a bra or two in your life. While we’re all for “free the nipple” and the comfort of not having wires jamming into our chests every day, we pretty much know that on some occasions, we just have to wear a bra. Every morning when we get dressed, most of us are exhausted and snoozing our alarms about 5 times before finally getting out of bed – so we’re probably rushing to get ready. If you’re like me, I’m constantly throwing my bra on in .5 seconds. But, apparently, I’ve been doing it wrong for basically – my entire life. Since I started wearing training bras in the 4th grade. My life is a lie. I’m dumbfounded.

It all smacked me in the face when Brittany Packnett on Twitter shared this photo of a tag that came along with her bra – some pretty easy-to-follow instructions. The problem? It’s definitely nothing like the way I put on a bra ever in my entire life.

According to the company, you’re supposed to have your bra straps on the loosest hook first (which I 100% never do). Then, you pull your girls into the cups and then you tighten the straps – over time. So, I’m supposed to buy a bra that fits me on the loosest straps and hooks from the get-go? Say WUT?!?

How is this even real life? Why has everyone been lying to me? What did I do to deserve this? Why does God love to f*ck with me so early in the morning?