Sarcastic Women Make The Best Friends, Hands Down

Sarcastic women are kind of the stuff. They’re honest, intelligent, and can easily master just about any social situation with cutting wit and a ton of charm. If there’s no sarcastic girl in your squad, it’s time to go out and find one. They make the best friends for these 13 reasons (and probably a dozen more, too):

1. No subject is taboo.

Nothing is off limits to your sarcastic friend. They’re open to discussing, and poking fun at, just about every topic. They’re smart enough to pull off jokes about taboo subjects without being offensive or trashy.

2. They can always lighten the mood.

Things feeling a little too gloomy or serious? You can always count on your sassy friend to come through with witty jokes until you literally have no choice but to feel better.

3. They aren’t afraid to ruffle some feathers.

They’re not overly concerned with whether or not their jokes and comments fluster people. They say what they want without tiptoeing around peoples’ feelings, which often results in insightful and hilarious witticisms.

4. They protect you with humor.

They can use their witty humor to shut down mean girls that are talking trash about you, make you realize how silly it is to sweat over the guy that blew you off, or cheer you up when you’re feeling depressed. They don’t just use sarcasm to protect themselves, they use their armor to protect you, as well.

5. The jokes never end.

They think everything is funny, so there’s always new joke material. They’d have no trouble making fun of the next comment that comes out of someone’s mouth.