Sarcastic Women Make The Best Friends, Hands Down

6. They’re tough as hell.

Their sarcasm is like a super defense mechanism that prevents anything from hurting them. Who doesn’t want a tough girl on their squad?

7. They don’t mind being the butt of a joke.

They appreciate a well-constructed joke, even when it’s at their expense. They can handle being made fun of, and if done well, they’ll be laughing along with everyone else.

8. They can help you cope when your life is in shambles.

They can give you the courage to laugh at yourself while also putting some perspective on things. There’s nothing like some extreme sarcasm to help you realize your life really isn’t so horrible, even if you’re eating Raman out of the pot.

9. They won’t hesitate to make fun of everyone you don’t like.

Frenemies, enemies, exes, that guy that stole your cab that one time… they’re on board to mock them relentlessly until the end of time.

10. They don’t sugar coat the truth.

A sarcastic friend tells it like it is, to you and anyone around that’s BS’ing. It can be abrasive, but you know they’re always keeping it real.

11. They’re quick on their feet.

They always have the comebacks, the game plans, and the finesse to smooth over any awkward situation. Being fast thinkers is just one more reason they make invaluable friends.

12. They’re pros at putting jerks in their place.

There’s no match for the sarcastic woman when it’s time for a battle of the wits. If someone’s being a loser, they will not only shut them down but do it in such a humiliating manner that they have no option but to reflect on their crappy personality traits.

13. They don’t give a crap what people think.

They’re not self-conscious and they could care less if people don’t like them. This carefree attitude is contagious and can make you feel liberated and confident.

Via Bolde.