43 DIY Halloween Costumes For Everyone Who’s Too Cheap To Buy One

Let’s face it Halloween costumes cost ridiculous amounts of money. I mean, if you want to go to a store and buy a costume or buy the accessories, it costs you an arm and a leg (lol, get it?) It’s actually insane how much companies and manufacturers make off of Halloween if you really think about it. We all know that everyone here is broke AF college is expensive, graduating is expensive, Chipotle is still charging for guac so, we can’t be shelling out hundreds of dollars on costumes. Instead, why not try some DIY costumes (or, do it yourself, for you illiterate a**holes) this year instead? You’re welcome.

1. Mummy:

2. Arthur:

3. When life gives you lemons:

4. Clark Kent/Superman:

5. Bob Ross: