Chipotle Is Officially Coming Out With Queso Nationwide, Finally

For years now, Chipotle has been taking over the game when it comes to Mexican food chains. Sure, there are other places where you can grab yourself a burrito bowl and yes, guac is extra – but, you can’t beat their natural ingredients and “name brand” aesthetic (I mean, you can’t just upload an Instagram pic of your corner store burrito bowl, now can you?) While everyone has been on the Chipotle-chain for some time, I have not been. Sure, I love Mexican food and yes – I want all of the rice and chicken and guac, but, Chipotle has always been missing a key ingredient in my meals and that has always been: Queso.

Whenever I’ve had a choice in where I get Mexican food, I always picked Moe’s over Chipotle because they have queso, and, if I’m going to destroy my stomach with Mexican food, I damn well am going to do so with it covered in cheese.

Now, the Mexican burrito bowl Food Gods have answered my prayers because Chipotle has just announced that they will officially be adding queso to their regular menu. In a press release, the company announced that nationwide, they will be allowing their customers to “add queso to their bowls or burritos for $1” or, “for $5, they can purchase a large side.” Seriously – thank you Food Gods.

Apparently, it’s taken Chipotle so long to get on the queso train because they wanted to find a way to make their queso “with all natural ingredients” the way the rest of their food is made – which, I’ll agree with.

The roll-out of queso begins on September 12th nationwide – so, mark your calendars, folks.