Chipotle Just Revamped Their Queso Recipe After Everyone Said It Tasted Like Sh*t

Chipotle AKA the king of all guac and burrito lovers has officially decided to blow our minds yet again with a new spin on their queso recipe. Last September, our beloved fast food chain released their cheese dip after years of holding back on our queso filled souls to only have us feeling a little let down because it just didn’t really meet the hype. In fact, the queso was kind of nasty – and it wasn’t just me. Everyone on Twitter was really disappointed.

I guess our cries have been heard from the queso gods because they have completely revamped their recipe in hopes of winning back our hearts and our pockets. As all Chipotle edibles, the queso will be au-natural with nothing but fresh organic ingredients, expressed a spokesperson from the Chipotle test-kitchen. Business Insider went on a trip to visit Chipotle’s headquarters in Manhattan last week to get the first taste.