Meet Tessa, The Foooodieee Bringing You Drool-Worthy Food From Around The World

With Instagram becoming such a huge social media outlet that we all use, it’s not uncommon that people share their favorite things through the app. The rise in popularity of sharing created a new realm of inspiration for people to share their passions with the world – like, drool-worthy and delicious food.

That’s where Tessa stepped in.

Meet Tessa – the face behind Foooodieee. Her Instagram page @Foooodieee has racked up over 400,000 likes, as Tessa shares the most perfect, delicious photos of her favorite treats from anywhere she travels.

1) How did you first get started on Instagram?

I was on the LIRR one day in 2014 and came across a really good looking ice cream donut sandwich. I instantly started to drool and then it hit me. I wanted to make people feel the way I felt. I wanted my photos to have those reactions.

2) What inspired you to create a page dedicated to food?

My inspiration definitely came from my love of food. You could say I have been a foodie since the womb. My mom and I would go out to dinner every night when I was younger or we would order in. It was our thing. When she passed away in 2010, I always took our food memories with me. When I started my Instagram in 2014, I could always feel like she would be extra proud of me. I created something with food, which we had always shared love for.

3) Who inspires you the most in terms of social media and food culture?

When I think of who inspires me in terms of social media and food culture, I instantly think of food trends. The different trends that come out everyday inspire me to want to learn more about them and definitely make me want to incorporate them into my brand.

4) Where did you come up with your Instagram handle/name Foooodieee?

I knew that Foooodieee was the perfect handle for me, since I am a foodie! I added a few extra e’s and o’s just to differentiate myself. I want my brand to stand out and it sure does. Whenever someone say’s my handle to me or asks who I am, they say my handle in such a fun way. They literally say it – fooooodieeeeeee. My handle makes me remembered, and that’s what I want. I want to be remembered when it comes to the social media and food culture life.

5) What are your favorite restaurants at the moment?

This is definitely the hardest question! Here are a few…Tao Downtown, Parm, and STK Rooftop. I could honestly list 100 more!

6) What is your favorite indulgent snack/dessert?

Ooooo, do I love desserts and snacks! This is my weakness! My go to dessert is mint chocolate chip ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. For snacks, I love ring dings, peppermint patties and salted peanuts.

7) How much time/effort goes into each photo that you post on your Instagram page?

A lot of effort goes into each post. First I choose the photo, then caption, then the hashtags. I want to make sure each post is better than the one before. The time and effort is so worth it. Seeing people’s reactions and comments, makes me love this job even more!

8) What’s next for Foooodieee?

Good question! You will have to wait and see 🙂

Take a look at some of Tessa’s most drool-worthy posts:



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