27 Times ‘Forever 21’ Tried Too Hard With Their Graphic Tees

21. Captain:

Captain of what? This is #fakenews. Being captain of a team is an honor, that you can’t just plaster on any shirt. If a woman was a captain of a team, she would probably already have attire with “Captain” written on it. Therefore, this shirt is pointless.

22. Drivin me wild:

In this shirt, the “g” has been oomitted from”driving,” because obviously, driving is a word that needs slang. Also, they really stirred the pot. You’re not driving me crazy. You’re driving me WILD.

23. Sorry I’m not listening:

What an honest shirt we got here. This shirt will make you sound like you don’t care and am incompetent. Wear this to the club or maybe a job interview if you’re trying to make everyone hate you.

24. Don’t be fake, keep it real:

This shirt is very a word of advice for anyone who may have been considering being fake. Forever 21 really needs you to keep it real. The black and white contrast is added for dramatic effect. Yin Yang, perhaps?

25. I only date drummers and lead singers:

This shirt is for the girl that knows what she wants. Guitar players and pianists, please step away from any girl wearing this shirt. Doctors, cops, teachers, can you not read? LEAVE. Forever 21 is only helping us eliminate the fish in the sea we don’t want. Thanks.

26. Time for a burger:

I’m just gonna assume whoever wrote this shirt was really hungry when doing so, so naturally, he/she made a graphic tee out of it. Not really sure where one could wear this.

27. Teenage dream:

Wow, 2010 called asking why you ripped off Katy Perry’s song? Create your own content, SHEESH.