27 Times ‘Forever 21’ Tried Too Hard With Their Graphic Tees

6. Keep it cool x3:

“Keep it cool” x3 sounds like what I anxiously say to myself before I do something NOT COOL, like keying my ex’s car. There is nothing cool at all about this sweater. Also, the star and double stripes on the sleeve —who thought that would be a good idea?

7. All business no play:

Is this a Halloween costume? Did the machine print the text in the wrong direction? This shirt is ironically a lot of play and no business at all. Please try again.

8. It’s a beautiful day to go away:

Wow, very grunge. This shirt will really help you make new friends. Jk, not really. Don’t wear it. Ever. It’s actually a very concerning shirt and rude. TBH, it would make a great sleep shirt, when you’re PMSing.

9. Peachy:

If you’re going to print “Peachy” on a shirt, like idk meng, I kind of want to see a peach on the shirt too, or at least the color peach. This looks like a hideous Fourth of July shirt. Honestly, just change the copy to “America.” I’d still swipe left on it, but at least it would make more sense.

10. Not. now. bye.:

This shirt is not now or not EVER. What’s with the periods and all caps? It sounds like an exasperated raging bitch wrote this shirt. Take a chill pill, Forever 21.