27 Times ‘Forever 21’ Tried Too Hard With Their Graphic Tees

16. Heartbreaker:

No one wants to date a heart breaker. Is this shirt supposed to make a woman feel like a baddie? Most people I know don’t go around bragging about being a heartbreaker. ALSO, what’s with the pastels and flowers? HOW ABOUT SOME BROKEN HEARTS?

17. Savage:

ICYMI, this neon green shirt (also available in light pink) is for girls that are savage AF. So savage, it had to be printed twice on the shirt. Watch out, double savage coming through.

18. Rules are made to be broken:

Agreed, rules are made to be broken. In this situation, some fashion rules were violated. CALL 911, PLZ. This cliche phrase sounds like an Instagram caption I’d write during a night at the club with my ladies, after I cheated on bae. Very cryptic text and not something I do not need to have printed on a shirt.

19. Hero of the day:

Not all heroes wear capes. They actually wear long sleeve tees with bold capital print advertising that today (but just today), they are in fact a hero. Or maybe this shirt is a daily sandwich special. In any case, BYE.

20. Baby girl:

TBH, I only want my boyfriend to call me baby girl. Other than that, I’m a grown ass woman. DO NOT INFANTILIZE ME IN PUBLIC, FOREVER 21.