27 Times ‘Forever 21’ Tried Too Hard With Their Graphic Tees

Forever 21 is the place to hit when you need a hot “going out” outfit Saturday night, and a classy and sophisticated “I’m not hungover” outfit Sunday afternoon. But so many times, as I’m shopping around in the store (and ultimately testing my guy friend’s patience), I’ll come upon a beautiful cotton shirt, that just has this awful vomit stain plastered in the middle. OK, it’s not actually vomit-covered, it’s actually a caption or some sort of graphic that just went horribly wrong and destroyed a perfectly good tee.

Forever 21’s graphic tees often just try way too hard to relate their female demographic, that it often comes off as fake and usually doesn’t make much sense. Internally, I’m screaming, and externally, I’m sending a Snapchat of this fashion fail to my friend. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at 27 graphic tees from Forever 21 that, well, I wish I could unsee.

1. In memory of my last coffee:

I’m sorry — but did your last coffee die? Why is this shirt so depresso and dark? Coffee doesn’t die and I’m not going throw a funeral for my last Americano. Also, why is this shirt off the shoulders — is this club attire? NEXT.

2. Life is a party:

Life isn’t a gift or blessing. It’s actually a party.  Bring on the booze, and the glitter, and let’s print this on the right breast. This is the perfect shirt for when you really want someone to stare at your tit. Forever 21 must think that women have other no goals in life other than to rage. Party on, ladies!

3. Born to ride:

Born to ride! A motorcycle? Some dick? The bus? Who can say?

4. Send me dog pics:

Send me dog pics? Really? Women care more about dogs, Forever 21. Also, we’re not trying to solicit pictures either.

5. Ditched the boyfriend kept the shirt:

Well, if a girl allegedly kept her boyfriend’s t-shirt, then why doesn’t she wear that shirt, rather than this pointless one. Also, is that supposed to be cool — stealing ex’s clothes? Typically I don’t look for that trait in a gal pal, but okay. YOU GO GIRL. Enjoy your man shirt.