27 Times ‘Forever 21’ Tried Too Hard With Their Graphic Tees

11. Final warning:

Final warning? What’s that supposed to mean? Is the shirt Forever 21 wants us to wear before we explode after eating too much at Chipotle. I’m very confused. Is this shirt dangerous? Please send more details, k thanks @F21.

12. Seven day weekend:

There are two days in a weekend, last time I checked. This shirt dumbs down us young women, as if all we do is party. TBH, we party Friday and Saturday, and do amazing, admirable, and courageous things Sunday through Thursday. Fact check, please.

13. Boys:

AHAHAHA. First of all, why are we dedicating a shirt to boys? This shirt just belittles us as women, as if we only fanaticize about boys all day. Newsflash: we don’t. Also, we don’t like boys. We like MEN or OTHER WOMEN.

14. Married to the mob:

Calling all mob wives! Honestly, I don’t think this is an accomplishment, but apparently this is graphic tee worthy. The sorbet pink background really drives the point home.

15. Pnk:

Welp, this shirt isn’t pink. It’s actually pnk. Also, in case you couldn’t tell, this is a t-shirt. I wasn’t aware that misspelling a kindergarten vocab word was now cool.