20 Items You Need To Buy Your Pettiest Friend Like, Yesterday

We all have that one friend who is way too petty for their own good. They’re absolute savages, but, they’re the best when it comes to ideas for revenge, clap-back text messages to boyfriend’s we’re fighting with and the answer to our arch enemies. For those reasons, they deserve to know how much we appreciate them and their pettiness by buying them products that match their aesthetic.

1. This “Petty AF” t-shirt, so people know.

What better way to say “I’m petty AF” than by wearing it across your chest? Pick this cute tee up from Amazon for only $19.99 and complete their savage attire forever.

2. Kimoji Stickers Set because who’s pettier than Kim K herself?

I promise you that your pettiest friend worships the ground that Kim Kardashian walks on – she is the queen of petty. Get them this “ratchet” sticker set to decorate their laptop, phone, or even their bedroom and remind them – you’re seriously being so rude right now. Get it from Urban Outfitters for only $7.99.

3. This *sips tea* petty tote bag.

Remember who serves the hottest tea by giving your girlfriend this adorable tote bag as you gossip over tea, coffee or whatever the f*ck you guys like to drink. It’s only $20 on Etsy and it’s pretty petty to say the least.

4. “Keep it Shut” to teach your friends being petty doesn’t always work everywhere.

This book is essential for any petty girl because let’s face it, we say things that people will low-key be offended by sometimes. So, it’s a vital lesson to learn what to say and when it’s appropriate to say it – or, when we should say nothing at all instead. Karen Ehman can teach us a thing or too and for $10.84, it’s a lesson worth paying for.

5. These Petty AF socks for when they’re giving you a good ass-kicking.

Perfect for keeping their petty AF feet warm in the winter time, these socks go perfectly under rain boots or their petty ass Uggs in the winter. Get them on Amazon for just $13.99.

6. “Basic Witches” book because all petty chicks are basically witches.

Let’s be real – all petty girls are basically witches deep, down in side. Help your friends summon their “success” and “raise hell” all at the same time with this spiritual AF book. Get it from Urban Outfitters for just $15.99.

7. This honest AF key hanger for their apartment.

Petty b*tches want to be left alone often times to plan their savagery and, they’re not afraid to tell you. Let them “welcome” aka kick out all their Tinder dates easily by buying them this “Go Away” key hanger for just $18 from Urban Outfitters.

8. This “stay salty b*tch” mug to ensure they always maintain their edge.

Make sure your friends wake up on the *wrong* side of the bed every morning with this coffee mug to ensure they always “stay salty,” from Amazon for just $13.99.

9. The card game all petty people love, “What Do You Meme?”

Any petty person knows that the only way to get a good, serious laugh out is through memes. So, what better gift can you get than a game entirely revolved around memes? Grab this from Urban Outfitters for $30 and make any party a petty party.

10. This “I am very busy” planner to remind everyone they have NO time for them.

Petty b*tches have no time for anyone’s games, especially at school or at work – so make their day and give them this planner that’s a silent message to anyone looking to “ask for a favor” or advice – from Urban Outfitters for $20.

11. Their number one quality written right across a T-shirt.

Make sure they essentiate their best asset by having them wear this shady t-shirt whenever you go anywhere you may run into people you don’t like. Get it on Amazon for just $17.99.

12. These “all about the Benjamins, baby” napkins to show peasants they’re rich AF.

Any petty queen loves to flaunt her wealth – she’s better than you in all departments. Get her these cash flow, money flow napkins to show everyone she means business for only $6 from Urban Outfitters.

13. Middle fingers up because cats don’t give a f*ck mug.

If you’re looking to find the ultimate petty representative – look no further than cats. They’re petty AF and don’t deny it. Gift your friends this awesome “f*ck you” cat mug for only $10.09 on Amazon – which, is priceless.

14. Reminders and Mantras on these lit AF pencils:

Let your friends write down all of their pettiest ideas and thoughts with a little motivation from these adorable and useful pencils – grab them for just $10 from Urban. 15. Baddie Win

15. Baddiewinkle’s Guide to Life – because she’s the petty queen.

Baddiewinkle is the social media grandma that gives petty a whole new meaning – so bless your friends with this coffee table read for $21.99 from Urban Outfitters.

16. Remind the people we don’t want “No Scrubs.”

Class up the bathroom in any petty queen’s house and remind them – they’re a 90’s r&b queen and they don’t want no scrubs for a mere $29.

17. This logical AF and petty AF shirt because – same.

Tell everyone to STFU about their homophobic, sexist, transphobic BS with this shirt – which is both petty and logical all at the same time. Plus, Frank Ocean rocked it and he’s the pettiest on the low-key. Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

18. “Leave me alone” t-shirt to remind everyone to stay away.

A constant reminder for everyone to stay TF away today – perfect for a college class or a bar where you don’t need to be picked up by any guy. Grab it on Amazon for $10.99.

19. This petty ‘Kermit sipping tea” dad hat because the tea is very, very strong.

Kermit sipping tea is the petty meme that started a revolution, so any petty queen needs this in their life. Grab it on Amazon for $7.89 and let them live their best petty-self.

20. “Petty mode on” t-shirt because it never goes off.

Petty mode is always on for these people – so give them a little reminder that they should never turn it off. Only $17.99 on Amazon.