21 Products That Will Low-Key Let Your Co-Workers Know You Hate Them

Let’s face it, we all have co-workers we cannot stand. Whether it’s Janet from accounting that wears way too much perfume to work every day, or Robert from HR who constantly has to show everyone pictures of his kids dressed up as ridiculous animals, or Stephanie who works the front desk and always, always pops her gum all day long – bottom line is, all of our co-workers actually suck. If you’re looking for ways to get away from these awful human beings – quit your job. Just kidding (kind of) we all have bills to pay before Donald Trump leads us all into a new Great(er) Depression. But, you can buy these fun, low-key savage products and make sure you get your message across to them, passively.

1. These stickers to hang up at your desk whenever anyone comes to speak to you.

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2. This customizable onesie to ignore literally everyone on Casual Friday.

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3. This mini kitchen to keep at your desk so you never have to go to your office’s “shared kitchen” for coffee or lunch.

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4. This “fuck off” mug for when someone holds a meeting at 830am and you’ve just sat down with your first cup of coffee.

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5. This t-shirt to wear to “company Happy Hour” that perfectly sums up how you feel about everyone in your office.

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