19 Tops That Are A Little B*tchy So You Don’t Have To Be

Sometimes, we want to say things outright to people openly and honestly. But, we know that it’s not socially acceptable to be a huge b*tch in public – plus, reputations are vital to staying afloat in life – right? But, you could be like me and work in an industry that allows you to be as b*tchy as you want online behind a computer screen – thank God for the little things. But, if you’re trying to stick it to the man without actually sticking it to the man – these t-shirts should get you where you need to be without having to open your mouth.

1. Floral “F*ck Off” hoodie: 

Grab it here.

2. Nasty women’s club middle-finger shirt.

Get it here.

3. Leave me alone floral shirt.