9 Ways Your Toxic Past Relationship Was Actually A Good Thing

6. You learn to love yourself more.

After someone makes you feel bad about yourself and you finally walk away from that, you start to realize all those “bad qualities” they think you had are the qualities that actually make you proud to be who you are. In time, you start to embrace them more and realize you love that about yourself.

7. You learn to be comfortable with being alone.

Before, you may have been scared to leave someone or walk away from a relationship that was bad for you because you had this undying fear of being alone. But, once you do finally leave, it’s like a breath of fresh air. You realize that being alone and being single was absolutely nothing to fear – far less scary than staying with someone who doesn’t deserve you.

8. You realize what you deserve is more important than what you want.

You may want someone because they’re attractive or because of other, superficial things – but in time you come to realize that it’s more important to be with someone who deserves you and treats you with kindness and respect rather than be with someone who you just are attracted to.

9. You no longer waste time in relationships where you are unfulfilled.

You have no problem walking away from people who don’t meet your needs and desires. Once you walk away from someone who is toxic for you, you know that the grass is usually greener on the other side. If you feel unsatisfied with someone, you know it’s far too stupid to wait around for people to “change,” when in reality, they probably never will.