5 Reasons Why Every Guy Should Be Dating An Independent Woman

In 1999, Destiny’s Child released Independent Women. 16 years later, this song is still the anthem of my life.


The independent woman used to always be a goal for any young girl to attain. Yet, in all fictional stories-movies, TV shows, novels-men seem to often times be intimidated by a strong woman who can hold her own. In the non-fiction reality of life, an independent woman makes for the best girlfriend or wife a man could ever have.

Today, more than ever, numerous TV shows have become continuously popular showcasing the “housewife,” a stay-at-home mother who spends her husband’s money frivolously on expensive shopping sprees and dinner parties – despite having an increase of women in the workforce.

Why is it that we find entertainment in a woman who brings less to the table than her man?

The independent woman is the ultimate #goals and dating an independent woman is the ultimate #relationshipgoals. Dating an independent woman is like dating an equal partner, rather than dating a girl who is just a piece of arm candy.

1. We work hard.

All throughout life, independent women have to work for what they have and what they want. This means, they have a strong, practical and supportive work ethic. While this is important in the work force and means they will equally help any man bring home the bacon, it also means this strong work ethic can resonate in the relationship. An independent woman will bring her strong work ethic out of her career and into working on your relationship to make it the best it could possibly be.

2. We have vision.

Independent women have big dreams and big goals. We thrive on making plans for the future and meeting them, even surpassing our expectations with ease. When you date an independent woman, we not only support your objectives and ambition, we nourish it and help it thrive.

3. We challenge you.

Nobody wants a stagnant, boring relationship. When you’re looking for an ideal partner, you want someone who will excite you and challenge you, bring out the better version of yourself. When you date an independent woman, they will challenge you to be a better you – work harder, be stronger, live life to the fullest.

4. We aren’t needy.

As an undergrad in college, I wrote an editorial piece on millennials and dating. In my interviews and research conducted, over 90% of the men said that the one thing that turns them off in women more than anything is neediness. No man wants to date a girl that is needy and clingy – always needing support 24/7. The best part about dating an independent woman is she knows how to stand alone. Of course, she loves to have your support, but she doesn’t need it all day, everyday. She can make decisions for herself and take care of her business without needing you to check her every move.

5. We get things for ourselves.

Don’t worry about spending hundreds of dollars on a bag we’re eyeing. The independent woman can buy the expensive stuff for herself. Sure, it’s nice to get a beautiful anniversary gift, but the independent woman doesn’t need quantity in our gifts, we want quality. Rather than you spending $1,000 on a handbag, we’d rather receive something thoughtful and sentimental. Save the money, we can finance ourselves – spoil us with loyalty.