30+ Female TV Characters That Have Inspired Women Around The World


I love Mindy Lahiri. She’s a boss, she’s brown, she’s not society’s ideal, but she kills it. She has moments of bonkers confidence and then moments where she loses it or forgets how great she is. She’s not always pleasant and accommodating, makes mistakes, is sometimes unlikeable. Like me.

Jessica Carrisoza DeRoy


I have to say the one that came to mind instantly is Ally McBeal from the show “Ally McBeal.” As played by Calista Flockhart; Ally was a woman of many contradictions; on the one hand she was a Ivy League Educated Lawyer, but on the other hand she was prone to flights of fancy and had a niave and idealistic view on romance; she idealized romance and continued to pine over her college sweetheart. Ally may have been a gifted lawyer, but when it came to love she acted on pure emotion. Ally was prone to wild fantasies and fits of anger, Ally was selfish and jealous and acted on emotion and not logic. Ally was a flawed, real human being who was totally dedicated to being herself, or whatever version of herself she needed to be at that moment; and she never gave up on finding love. Ally was my hero because no matter what anybody said about her she stayed true to herself, even when it made her look insane.

Matty Cormier


Haven’t really seen a mention from Degrassi, but growing up, I was inspired by Manny Santos. Yeah there were times where her actions were questionable, but I related to her so much. From struggling to convinvce her strict parents to let her pursue her dream of acting to the immense support she showed to Emma, Darcy, and so many of her other friends, I just really enjoyed seeing her journey and transition from a shy and sweet girl to a beautiful and confident woman.

Yanci De La O