30+ Female TV Characters That Have Inspired Women Around The World

When it comes to getting hooked on a TV show, many of us look for characters that are relatable or inspirational. We all love a TV show that has someone we look up to and want to learn from. When it comes to women, we can’t help but love the female character who’s a complete badass and all around aspiration. From dramas to comedies, there’s always someone who stands out to us–and, sometimes, we take them with us throughout our lives. Growing up, Brooke Davis was always my girl. She taught me to be fierce, original, and that no man can ever stop me. BuzzFeed recently asked their users to name some of the leading female characters on TV that have inspired them in their own lives and all we have to say is–PREACH.


Jessica Jones is flawed but fabulous and never lets her power get to her head- not to mention she is hilarious!



Cristina Yang HANDS DOWN. She is so bad ass and smart. She’s everything I aspire to be in my professional career.



C.J. Cregg from The West Wing. She’s passionate about issues she cares about (like women’s rights), she isn’t afraid of any man who stands in her way, she’s perfectly sarcastic and independent.



I’m inspired by Olivia Pope as she has taught me that women are just as strong as men if not stronger and taught me to stand up for myself.



I’d say Liz Lemon from 30 Rock. Yeah, she’s kooky, bossy, and a bit problematic, but she’s an absolute queen! She keeps all the writers in check and she makes sure Jenna and Tracy don’t go haywire. Plus, she doesn’t give a crap about what anyone says or thinks about her, hence her buying all the hotdogs at the hotdog stand. She can be the nerdy girl while being so much more than that, and I love that. That’s part of the reason why I’m planning to be a writer.



Martha Jones from Doctor Who. She was so amazing to watch when I was younger, seeing a strong, empowered and independent woman on TV. She’s the reason why I’m in medical school!!!



I started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer right about the time puberty started for me. It took 12 years of my life before I found a female tv character who DIDN’T need some man to rescue her. Buffy was her own hero and quite frequently the one saving the male characters in the show. Not only was she this strong, badass woman, she also showed vulnerability in her emotions and her personal life. She dealt with supernatural issues as well as normal issues. This character was the start of my feminist awakening and showed me I didn’t need someone else to “save” me, I could do just fine on my own! I have become such a strong, independent woman partly because of this character. It’s been 12 years since I first watched this show and her character as well as a few others still stick with me as being close to my heart.



Detective Kate Beckett from castle. She was far from perfect, had flaws like all of us and had plenty of troubles but she had the determination to never give up. She was the first TV character I actually admired and she’s sorta my inspiration for life. The fact that she was a total badass and amazing at her job was a cherry on top. She was a strong woman, but with a tad of vulnerability. It’s such a shame that castle was cancelled. We all need a Beckett in our life.



Leslie Knope – passionate, hardworking feminist that continuously moves forward despite the obstacles.



Wynonna Earp. She is, in my opinion, the strongest and most badass woman on tv right now. She fights and puts down demons with ease. She was pregnant throughout season 2 but that did not stop her. It just made her more determined to end the curse on her family, for her and for her child.



Sansa Stark. She’s been through so much and she came out the other side so strong and confident. I think a lot of people dismiss her for being a bit bratty in Season One, but she was a typical 13 year old girl who ended up going through absolute horror and ended up being one of the strongest players in the game.