30+ Female TV Characters That Have Inspired Women Around The World


Brienne of Tarth. Shes a brave, loyal and strong badass. People doubt her and she proves them wrong time and time again. I’m a tall (not 6’3 but still a small tree at 5’10). I’m naturally strong and have a strong personality to boot. I always felt a little self conscious about being a curvy woman. Brienne makes me feel proud to be a ferocious woman.



One of the most inspirational characters I’ve seen on TV recently would be Jemma Simmons on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. While all the ladies on that show are incredible, she resonated with me in a way that’s different than the others. She is nowhere near as athletic as the others, yet she still manages to contribute just as much using her intelligence. Watching her transform from a naive, awkward genius into a strong, intelligent leader has been amazing. She stands up for what she believes in, fights for good, and while she has her flaws, she is always trying her best. Not to mention her wonderful relationship with Fitz is an excellent example of respect between partners. She’s just awesome!



Effy Stonem (Skins), to my surprise. The audience first knew her for being mute, but also daring, attractive, and an efficient problem-solver. However, when she came down-center for the second generation, she started to sort of decompose, and the writer’s(s’) decision to turn the volume up on her made this development even more interesting and educational. As much as she was at solving problems, she was quite problematic herself. Effy has shown me that even in the strongest of people there could be a struggle in “keeping it together.” Check yourself before you wreck yourself– thanks Effy.



Miranda Bailey from Greys Anatomy.

She makes her way up through the surgical program all on her own. Her parents aren’t famous and she does everything by working hard.

She becomes chief attending to then CHIEF of Grey/Sloan Memorial, all while going through a trying divorce and an a legal case that would scar any surgeon for life. She survived a shooting and heroically tried to save the wounded. She shakes off a heart attack because she’s worried about the hospital she is trying to run as well as her son who was giving a huge presentation that day.

Most of all, she stands her ground. She fights for what she believes she deserves. Truly an inspiring character



Fiona from Shameless, she’s not a role model type character and has done plenty of things that are not even remotely Ok. But she always keeps trying to improve herself and her situation. She took care of her siblings, even with every mistake or selfish choice she’s made I still find her inspiring because no matter what shitty thing happens to her she keeps pushing herself. Coming from a similar family situation I can tell you it’s not easy to keep going without just giving up and accepting your fate.



Lorelai Gilmore. I always wanted to be like her. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to do what it takes to get it. She is proud, she can stand up for herself and her beliefs. And even if she has to take the long way around, she’ll get there. She is also funny and gorgeous, and a great mom. I always saw her as the ultimate powerful woman, owning her self, life and body and being passionate about the things she loves. Sure, she’s not perfect, but that makes her even more relatable because all her faults (not accepting help, being afraid to commit, having trouble expressing her feelings) are the same as mine.



Honestly, Donna from That 70s Show. She made it ok to be a Tomboy and not submissive as I had seen so much growing up in the south. I like that she stuck up for herself and could also be really vulnerable. I know she gave up college for Eric but she was able to make her own way in her own time.



Annalise Keating played on Viola Davis in How to get Away with Murder. A dark-skinned, Black, bisexual, lawyer/professor, who is goals in every way shape and form.



Rebecca Bunch from “My crazy ex-girlfriend”. Rebecca is funny, creative and lovable. She struggles with mental illness and is trying to figure out life on her own terms. So much of my life has been spent hiding, being ashamed or angry because of my mental instability. Rebecca makes me laugh, cry and feel self love like I have never experienced. I feel like I am coming into my own by watching her discover love, happiness and even how to be sad. What a well written character; flaws and all.



Mackenzie McHale from The Newsroom. She takes no shit and always always always stands up for what she believes in, even if it’s not in her best interest. When her job is threatened by low ratings, she refuses to cave and do the news in a way that she doesn’t believe in. She believes in truth, integrity, taking responsibility for her wrongdoings, and is optimistic about the American people which reminds me to try to see the good in people. Whenever I watch her scenes, I feel like she’s pushing me to be a better person and stand up for what I believe in, no matter how difficult it is.



Peggy Olson. She was flawed and she made silly personal mistakes but she fought for her career advancement and had no doubts regarding her own self worth, professionally at least. Every time I have a big “thing” going on at work, I think to myself “what would peggy olson do” and think about that scene right before the Burger Chef presentation, to kind of centre myself and feel more confident.

Samantha Geen